Career opportunities with the Victorian Ombudsman

Who we are

The Victorian Ombudsman employs about 100 people. Our people are energetic and passionate about the work that we do.  
We have a diverse mix of skills and experience including investigations, community and social work, law, child protection,  teaching, accounting, business, law enforcement, projects, communications, administration, HR and organisational development. As part of our workforce strategy, we aim for a skilled, professional and agile workforce which can deliver on the Ombudsman’s strategic framework; our purpose is to ensure fairness for Victorians in their dealings with the public sector and improve public administration.
The Victorian Ombudsman operates in a dynamic environment, including responding to emerging systemic issues in the public sector, variations in the volume and nature of work and changes to the legislative environment. The Ombudsman requires a workforce that can be deployed across roles, encouraging rotation between teams and branches and easily forming project teams as needed. Each role itself is also agile; we build on and develop a broad range of competencies and skills within each role.

Employment principles

We adhere to the employment principles set out in the Public Administration Act 2004. This means that: 
  • employment decisions are based on merit
  • public sector employees are treated fairly and reasonably
  • equal employment opportunity is provided
  • human rights as set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities are upheld
  • public sector employees have a reasonable avenue of redress against unfair or unreasonable treatment
  • in the case of public service bodies, the development of a career public service is fostered.


Vacancies with the Victorian Ombudsman are listed on the Victorian Government Careers website.
Even when we don’t have a role advertised, you can express an interest in working with us by emailing your resume to
We will let you know we received your resume and keep it on our system. When a suitable opportunity arises in line with your experience, we’ll let you know about it.

Privacy of job applicants

We are committed to protecting personal information we handle. We comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.