Service Delivery Charter

Our service

The Ombudsman is an independent statutory officer of the Victorian parliament. The purpose of the Ombudsman’s office is to consider complaints about the actions and decisions of the Victorian public sector (and those engaged in its work) under the Ombudsman Act 1973 and to encourage improvement in public administration.
Our staff are authorised to perform the functions and duties of the Ombudsman. Information obtained by the Ombudsman is only disclosed where necessary in the performance of the functions of the office.
It is important to us that the public is able to easily access our service. Our standard office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except on Victorian public holidays) and you can contact us via:
Post (or in person):       Level 2 570 Bourke Street
                          Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone:                     (03) 9613 6222 or 1800 806 314 (landline only)
                                      131 450 (for translation service)
                                      133 677 then 03 9613 6222 (for national relay service)
Facsimile:                       (03) 9602 4761
Online complaint form:

Our commitment

The Ombudsman is committed to providing an accessible and responsive service that is:
  • free, independent and impartial
  • open and transparent
  • evidence based
  • focussed on practical and meaningful outcomes
  • sensitive to the circumstances of individuals and communities with specific needs.

How we can help you

We can consider complaints about the administrative actions of Victorian state government departments, agencies and local councils (and those acting on behalf of these bodies). If we believe your complaint indicates that an error has been made, we can examine the matter closely by conducting an enquiry or an investigation.
We will tell you about the outcome of our consideration of your complaint, including our reasons for any conclusions we reach. Usually we inform the authority involved too.
If we do not intend to take action on your complaint, we will explain why and, where possible, provide you information about other available options.
We will deal with your complaint in a professional manner. Our staff are expected to be courteous, respectful and responsive in all their communications.

Keeping you informed

We will tell you when we have received your complaint; keep you updated on our progress; and provide you an outcome once we have finished looking into the matter.

How long will it take?

We deal with the most straight forward complaints within 30 days.
We aim to:
Acknowledge receipt of your complaint; tell you who is dealing with your complaint; and give you their contact details
within 10 calendar days
Resolve complaints after making enquiries
within 90 days
Deal with more complex cases
within 9 months
Provide you with a progress update on your complaint, unless there are circumstances when it is not practical or appropriate to do so
every 6 weeks

How you can help us

To help us deal with your complaint or answer your questions, it is helpful if you can give us:
  • your name and contact details. You can submit a complaint anonymously; however, this may mean that we are not able to tell you about the outcome of our consideration of your complaint
  • a clear summary of your complaint including a brief explanation of the steps you have taken to resolve the matter yourself
  • the outcome you are seeking by contacting us.
As we expect our staff to be courteous and respectful when dealing with you, we expect you to afford our staff the same in return.


We monitor our performance against our service standards and listen to feedback to identify and improve the way we work.
Information about our performance in also published in our annual report. A copy of the annual report is available from our Publications section.
The Ombudsman reports to the Victorian parliament and the parliamentary Accountability and Oversight Committee, which is responsible for:
  • monitoring, reviewing and reporting to parliament on the performance of the Ombudsman
  • examining Ombudsman reports tabled in parliament.

Further information

Further information about the Ombudsman’s role and responsibilities is available from our website, including:

Complaints about us

We welcome your feedback, including what you believe we can improve on and what you think we have done well.
If you are dissatisfied with the way in which we have dealt with you or your complaint, you can complain to us. For further information on complaining about us, see our policy on ‘Complaints about the Ombudsman’.
The Victorian Inspectorate is also able to receive complaints about:
  • the use of the Ombudsman’s coercive powers
  • the provision of procedural fairness by this office
Information about, and contact details for, the Victorian Inspectorate is available from