Complaints about us

Our service commitments

The Victorian Ombudsman is committed to providing accessible and responsive services that are:
  • free, fair and independent
  • open and transparent
  • evidence based
  • focused on practical and meaningful outcomes
  • sensitive to the circumstances of individuals and communities with specific needs.
We encourage feedback on our services. By telling us what we’re doing or not doing well, and where we can improve, you help us improve our services to other people.

Before you complain

Talk to the staff member you dealt with and explain why you are dissatisfied. Our staff will try to resolve your concern quickly and informally where possible.

What if I still want to complain?

Make your complaint using the contact details at the bottom of this page.
Click here to access the Complaints about the Ombudsman policy
Click here to access the Service Delivery Charter document

What happens next?

That depends on the nature of your complaint.

1. We made the wrong decision about your complaint

We will review our decision, provided that:
  • you have contacted the staff member who made the decision and
    • you still think our decision was wrong and
    • you have evidence or a good explanation why our decision was wrong
  • we have not already reviewed the decision
  • we informed you of the decision less than 60 days ago
We will acknowledge your complaint within 10 calendar days and aim to complete the review within 30 days. If we need longer we will let you know why and how much longer we think we will need.

2. We have not met our service commitments

We encourage you to try to resolve your concern with the staff member involved. If you are uncomfortable doing this, or you have tried and remain unhappy with the outcome, you can ask for your complaint to be passed on to the staff member’s manager.
We will contact you within ten days to try and resolve your complaint; for example, by:
  • providing an explanation
  • providing an apology or
  • agreeing on further action to be taken.
If your complaint cannot be resolved in this way, it will be referred to a more senior officer who has not been involved in the matter, who will consider whether the matter warrants investigation. If it does, you will be informed of the outcome in writing.
Some serious allegations may proceed directly to investigation, as informal resolution would not be appropriate. In some cases we are also required to notify the Victorian Inspectorate of complaints about our staff. If either of these things occur, we will tell you how we are responding to your complaint and how long it is likely to take to resolve.

Is there anyone else I can complain to?

The Victorian Inspectorate is able to investigate certain complaints regarding the Victorian Ombudsman and her staff. Visit the Inspectorate’s website for more information on its jurisdiction.
The Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection can deal with complaints about breaches of Victoria’s privacy legislation.
The Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission can deal with complaints about discrimination.