Complaints about us

We welcome feedback on how we have handled your complaint. By telling us what we are doing well, or not doing well, you help us improve our service.

If you are not happy with how we have dealt with your complaint

First talk to the staff member and explain why you are dissatisfied. Our staff will try to resolve your concerns quickly and informally where possible.

If you wish to complain about the outcome of your complaint

You can ask for an internal review of your case if:
  • Your case has been closed
  • You believe that we have made an error or mistake in dealing with your complaint
  • You have tried to resolve your concerns with the staff member concerned
  • You are making your request for an internal review within 60 days of your case being closed

How do I request an internal review?

We prefer that internal review requests are made in writing (email, letter or fax), but will also accept verbal requests.
If you request an internal review, please include in your request:
  • The file number of the case you are complaining about (e.g. C/16/87654)
  • If you are complaining about a particular staff member, their name and position if you know these details
  • What you disagree with and why
  • What alternative outcome you are seeking
We will acknowledge internal review requests within 10 calendar days.

What happens with an internal review?

Internal reviews are conducted by senior officers who have not had prior involvement in the matter they are reviewing.
The reviewer looks at how your case was handled and will check whether we complied with our statutory obligations, internal policies and procedures, and service standards.
The reviewer may decide that:
  • The original decision or conclusions were appropriate and that no further action is warranted
  • There are not sufficient grounds to reconsider the merits of the original decision or conclusions, but there were some issues with how your case was handled. Where this occurs, the reviewer will inform you of what we have done to make sure similar issues do not occur again
  • Further consideration of your complaint is required and that your case should be reopened
  • The original decision was not sufficient. Where this occurs, the reviewer may reassess your complaint and reach a new decision
We endeavour to complete internal reviews within 30 days and will let you know if we cannot meet this timeframe.
Once an internal review has been completed, we will not conduct any further reviews of your complaint

Who can receive complaints about the Ombudsman?

The Victorian Inspectorate can take complaints about the Ombudsman’s use of coercive powers and compliance with procedural fairness requirements.
You can contact the Victorian Inspectorate at:
PO Box 617 Collins Street West
Melbourne  Vic  8007
Tel: 03 8614 3225
Fax: 03 8614 3200
Information about the Victorian Inspectorate’s complaints process is also available at
A person can also apply to the Supreme Court of Victoria for leave to take civil or criminal proceedings against an Ombudsman officer for their actions, or for a determination on whether the Ombudsman has jurisdiction to investigate them.

More information

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