What Happens Next

Your complaint will be acknowledged promptly.

The Ombudsman will look into your complaint, and may ask that you complain to the agency involved first, or refer you to another dispute resolution body. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint to the agency involved, or if you experience an undue delay in obtaining a response, you can contact the Ombudsman.

If your complaint is investigated, the Ombudsman may seek information from the organisation concerned. The Ombudsman will seek to establish whether you have been treated reasonably and in accordance with the relevant policies or procedures. You will be kept informed of the progress of the Ombudsman's enquiries. Many complaints are resolved either fully or partially as a result of the Ombudsman's intervention. If your complaint is substantiated, the Ombudsman may recommend that the government authority take some action to remedy the problem.   You will always be informed of the outcome of your complaint.

There are a number of other dispute resolution bodies from whom you may wish to seek assistance.  We may be able to give you advice about other means by which a complaint could be resolved. However, the Ombudsman cannot advocate for you, provide you with legal advice nor act on your behalf as a legal representative.

If the Ombudsman decides not to investigate your complaint, you will be informed of the reasons.