Community survey

Wednesday 19 September 2018
In June 2018 we commissioned market researchers EY Sweeney to independently survey 2,000 Victorians about their awareness and perceptions of the Victorian Ombudsman’s office.
This was a follow-up to a similar survey we commissioned in 2015. As the success of our office relies upon everyday Victorians contacting us with their concerns, we need to check that people are aware of our services and feel comfortable to approach us.

Key survey results include:

Likelihood to contact us with a complaint

  • Two in three Victorians (65 per cent) would contact our office if they were not happy with a response from a government organisation.
  • The proportion of Victorians who have contacted our office increased over the three years to 2018 (from eight to 11 per cent).

Satisfaction with our office

  • Of those who have contacted our office, the percentage of people who said their experience was positive or satisfactory increased from 86 per cent in 2015 to 91 per cent in 2018.

Perceptions about the value of the Ombudsman's office 

Around eight in 10 Victorians agreed with the following statements

  • "It's important to have a Victorian Ombudsman so that state government and local council decisions can be independently reviewed."
  • "Having a body like the Victorian Ombudsman to make sure Government agencies act fairly and reasonably is an important part of our democracy."
  • "The Victorian Ombudsman's powers to start investigations of her own is valuable in uncovering problems."

Understanding of our role

  • 16 per cent of Victorians have little or no idea about the role of the Victorian Ombudsman, increasing to 21 per cent amongst the 18-24 age-group. In the absence of a dedicated function and resources we will continue our modest efforts to educate and engage with the community, so people know they can come to us if they ever need our assistance or advice.