Ombudsman to investigate possible delays in financial hardship scheme for taxi licence holders

Thursday 30 November 2017
The Victorian Ombudsman is investigating possible delays and communication problems in processing applications for the Fairness Fund, which was established to support taxi and hire car licence holders.
Ombudsman Deborah Glass said her office had been contacted by a number of taxi licence holders who were yet to hear whether they would be receiving financial support from the fund, despite lodging their applications at least seven months ago. Applications for the fund - overseen by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources - closed on 30 April 2017.
“This fund was set up to help taxi and hire car licence holders who are experiencing financial hardship due to industry reforms,” Ms Glass said.
“We are investigating whether there have been unreasonable delays and whether there has been sufficient communication with licence holders about their applications.”
She said her investigation would consider whether the fund has:
  • been unreasonably delayed in processing and finalising applications
  • communicated sufficiently with people about their applications, and
  • has the appropriate framework, including policies and procedures, to manage timelines, communications with applicants and complaints.
While the investigation team will look into the fund’s overall application processing framework, it will not be making recommendations about the merits of individual cases.
Due to the ongoing status of the investigation, the Ombudsman is not available for comment.
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