Ombudsman staff taking complaints in Ballarat, Ararat and Horsham in August

Ombudsman staff will be in Ballarat on 16 August, Ararat on 17 August and Horsham on 18 August to take complaints from members of the community.
We take complaints about local councils and Victorian government departments and agencies to determine if their actions are reasonable. Our office provides a free, fair and independent service.
Tuesday 16 August  
11am to 2pm
Ballarat Town Hall, 22 Sturt Street, Ballarat Central
Wednesday 17 August
10am to 1pm
Ararat and Grampians Visitor Information Centre, 91 High Street, Ararat
Thursday 18 August
9am – 12pm
Horsham Town Hall, 71 Pynsent Street, Horsham  
To make an appointment
We encourage you to make an appointment, to save you time and ensure our staff are available to help you.
Phone: 1800 806 314
Registrations preferred by Friday 12 August.
When you speak with us, we will ask you to explain a few key points, including what happened and when. We’ll tell you what to bring to the appointment; for example, a copy of the complaint you made to the agency and their response, if you have it. We’ll let you know if we need other documents.
To find out more about how we can help, watch our short video
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