The Ombudsman has developed a number of guides to assist the Victorian Public Sector.


Good Practice Guide to Dealing with Challenging Behaviour


 Good Practice Guide: Managing Complaints Involving Human Rights


Guide: Information for Ombudsman liaison officers


Complaints: Good Practice Guide for Public Sector Agencies September 2016


Guide: Conducting internal investigations into misconduct

Being able to conduct an effective internal investigation is essential for the day-to-day operation of an organisation.  


Councils and complaints – A good practice guide

This guide has been prepared in consultation with all Victorian councils and key stakeholders. It provides practical and useful advice to assist councils in ensuring that their complaint handlin...


Complaint handling at universities: Australasian best practice guidelines

These guidelines refer to a new Australian standard on complaint handling. The new standard has not been adopted at this stage. The guidelines have been published in draft form to provide genera...

Released 1 January 2015

Safeguarding Integrity: A guide to the integrity system in Victoria

Released November 2014

Guidelines for establishing Closed Circuit Television in public places

Guidelines to assist Victorian public sector bodies in developing policies and procedures for their management of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in public places.

Released November 2012

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Manual

A manual for frontline staff, supervisors and senior managers in managing unreasonable complainant conduct.

Released August 2012