Parliamentary Reports

The Ombudsman may table investigation and other reports in Parliament. All such reports tabled by the Ombudsman can be found below.

All tabled annual reports can be found on our Annual Reports page.

Parliamentary Reports

Investigation into allegations of improper procurement of services by the Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development

Tabled in Parliament 27 March 2014

Investigation into advice provided to the office of the Minister for Planning by the Department of Planning and Community Development in relation to land development at Phillip Island

Tabled in Parliament 27 March 2014

Investigation into deaths and harm in custody

Tabled in Parliament 26 March 2014

Investigation into Latrobe City Council's failure to reinstate Summerfield Track following a landslip in June 2012

Tabled in Parliament 26 March 2014

Conflict of interest in the Victorian public sector - ongoing concerns

Tabled in Parliament 12 March 2014

Ombudsman's recommendations - Third report on their implementation

Tabled in Parliament 20 February 2014

Investigation into a complaint about the conduct of Authorised Officers on V/Line

Tabled in Parliament 5 February 2014

Investigation into children transferred from the youth justice system to the adult prison system

Tabled in Parliament 12 December 2013

A review of the governance of public sector boards in Victoria

Tabled in Parliament 11 December 2013

Report on issues in public sector employment

Tabled in Parliament 27 November 2013