On this page you will be able to read a selection of presentations delivered by the Victorian Ombudsman’s staff.

Representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office deliver presentations at public sector, integrity agency or academic conferences. Papers from a selection of those presentations can be found below.


Presentation - Why it is important to have independent oversight of the Victorian prison system

Presented by Deputy Ombudsman, John Taylor, to the forum held by the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People in Bendigo on 6 November 2014.

Presented 6 November 2014

Creating and maintaining a happy and productive organisation

Paper presented at the ANZOA Conference in Wellington New Zealand on 1 May 2014 by Deputy Ombudsman John Taylor.

Presented 1 May 2014

Reflections on Statutory oversighting of Government agencies

Presentation by John Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government China Advance Leadership 2013 program.

Presented on 19 November, 2013

The Ombudsman at Large

Presentation by Dame Beverley Wakem, Chief Ombudsman in New Zealand, to the Conference marking the 40th Anniversary of the Victorian Ombudsman Office.

Presented on 12 November 2013

Lessons learnt from 40 years of Ombudsman investigations

Presentation given by Stephen Mumford, Acting Deputy Ombudsman, at the IPAA Victoria Corrupt Conduct and Investigations Symposium, 18 September 2013

Presented 18 September 2013

Reflections on statutory oversighting of government agencies

Presentation given by John Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government Conference in Brisbane on 8 August 2013.

Presented on 8 August 2013

Victoria's Integrity Regime

Presentation by John Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, at the Deputy Ombudsmen's Conference in Canberra, July 2013

Presented July 2013

The Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into ICT-enabled projects

Presentation by Erin Barlow, Senior Investigation Officer, to the Australian Computing Society, South Australia.

Presented 7 February 2013

Ethics and Leadership - Eight Lessons for the VPS

Presentation by John R Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, to the Public Search Conference at Melbourne University Law School

Presented 4 December 2012

The Victorian Ombudsman's experience in dealing with disasters (paper)

Presentation to the 10th World Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute.

Presented on 15 November 2012