On this page you will be able to read a selection of presentations delivered by the Victorian Ombudsman’s staff.

Representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office deliver presentations at public sector, integrity agency or academic conferences. Papers from a selection of those presentations can be found below.


The Victorian Ombudsman's experience in dealing with disasters (slides)

Presentation to the 10th World Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute.

Presented on 15 November 2012

A case study on Corrupt Conduct by public officers in procurement

Presented by Mr Glenn Sullivan, Director, Investigations, and Ms Siobhan Rawlin, Investigation Officer, at the National Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Conference 2012 in Sydney.

Presented 25-26 July 2012

Failures of recordkeeping - Victorian Ombudsman Reports

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, delivered to the Public Record Office Victoria Records Management Network Meeting.

Presented on 29 May 2012

The Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into ICT-enabled projects

Presentation by Ms Erin Barlow, Acting Principal Investigation Officer, at the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office seminar program.

Presented on 26 April 2012

Mental health and prisons

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, delivered at Monash University Faculty of Law, Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments - International Conference, Melbourne.

Presented 21 February 2012

Both sides of the fence - a case study on corrupt conduct

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, Deputy Omdbudsman, delivered to Australia's Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2011, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Presented 16 November 2011

Developing and maintainting ethical environments in within the Public Sector

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, delivered to Chartered Secretaries Australia at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne.

Presented 1 September 2011

Why closed environments need external scrutiny - the role of the Victorian Ombudsman in dealing with human rights issues

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, Deputy Ombudsman, delivered to ARC Project - Human Rights and Closed Environments Roundtable. For more information, read full text of these roundtable proceed...

Presented 29 November 2010

Dealing with corruption in public administration: the Victorian experience

Presentation by Mr John R Taylor, the Deputy Ombudsman, to the 8th National Investigations Symposium in Sydney.

Presented 5 November 2010

Public Sector whistleblowing: Ombudsman Victoria's experience (slides)

Presentation by Mr Glenn Sullivan, Director, Investigations delivered at the 4th Annual Ethical Leadership and Governance in the Public Sector Forum in Canberra.

Presented 10 June 2010