The Ombudsman tables investigation and annual reports in Parliament which are then published on this website.  We also make available a number of other publications. 
Links to each category of our publications are below.

Parliamentary Reports

Reports of investigations by the Ombudsman, including conclusions and recommendations. Click here.

Annual Reports

Tabled in Parliament each year, our annual reports reflect on our performance and operations for the previous financial year. Click here.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets provide information:
  • about the Ombudsman
  • about enquiries and investigations by the Ombudsman
  • for complainants
  • for respondents
  • for support people
  • about the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.
And a number of other specific issues, such as infringements, police, WorkSafe and the TAC. Click here.


The Ombudsman has produced guides for complaint handling, CCTV policies and managing unreasonable complainant conduct. Click here.

Action Plans

The Ombudsman's office has developed two action plans: an Accessibility Action Plan and a Reconciliation Action Plan. Click here.


Brochure - Got a complaint about a Victorian government body?


Brochure - Who is the Victorian Ombudsman?


Councils and complaints – A report on current practice and issues


Councils and complaints – A good practice guide

This guide has been prepared in consultation with all Victorian councils and key stakeholders. It provides practical and useful advice to assist councils in ensuring that their complaint handlin...


Investigation into an incident of alleged excessive force used by authorised officers


Complaint handling at universities: Australasian best practice guidelines

These guidelines refer to a new Australian standard on complaint handling. The new standard has not been adopted at this stage. The guidelines have been published in draft form to provide genera...

Released 1 January 2015

Safeguarding Integrity: A guide to the integrity system in Victoria

Released November 2014

Presentation - Why it is important to have independent oversight of the Victorian prison system

Presented by Deputy Ombudsman, John Taylor, to the forum held by the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People in Bendigo on 6 November 2014.

Presented 6 November 2014

Discussion Paper - Investigation into the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners in Victoria


Investigation following concerns raised by Community Visitors about a mental health facility

Tabled in Parliament 15 October 2014