The Victorian Ombudsman's procurement function supports efficient and value for money practice that:

  • is responsive to the Victorian public’s needs
  • interacts professionally with the market
  • offers value for money outcomes
  • acts with integrity
  • is seen by the public as fair, transparent and equitable
  • will deliver cost savings to the department and taxpayers.

A list of procurement activity and projects is available to view at the bottom of this page.

Complaints about our procurement process

Step 1: Lodging a complaint

To lodge a complaint about a procurement process, please email to details of your complaint detailing the following information:

Person at VO discussions or emails have occurred with and details of the complaint.

Reason you believe the organisation did not correctly apply VGPB supply policies in relation to a procurement activity (add Procurement Activity name and reference number in email title).

Step 2: Complaint investigation process

Within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint:

You will receive a written acknowledgement of your complaint.

VO will record the complaint on the agency’s register.

The VO will appoint a person independent to the Procurement Activity to investigate the complaint. Within 20 working days of receipt of your complaint:

An independent person will investigate your complaint.

VO will provide you with a written response with the outcome of the complaint investigation.

If additional information is required, or the services of external parties are required to advise on elements of the complaint, there will be an extension of time. This will be based on the number of working days between the request for, and receipt of, additional information and/or advice sought.

Step 3: Complaint outcome

Once VO has written to you with the complaint outcome, VO will record the outcome in the agency’s register. If you disagree with the outcome of your complaint, you may refer the complaint to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board for review.