If you think you’ve been treated wrongly by a Victorian public organisation, we can see if your problem can be fixed.

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Who can I complain about?

We can look into:

  • Councils
    • Services, communication, complaint handling, unreasonable actions or decisions
  • Victorian government departments eg
    • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • Victorian government organisations eg
    • WorkSafe Victoria
    • VicRoads
    • Fines Victoria
  • Victorian universities and TAFEs
  • Publicly funded community services
    • Those which receive funding from Victorian public organisations to provide services
  • Prisons
  • Certain professional boards eg
    • Architects Registration Board of Victoria
    • Victorian Legal Services Board

We cannot look into:

  • Private organisations
    • Banking, credit, insurance or superannuation*
    • Buying or renting products or services
    • Electricity, gas or water
    • Phone or internet services
    • Legal professionals or lawyers

    *ESS Super is the only superannuation organisation we have the power to investigate.

  • Victoria Police
  • Disputes between individuals
  • Commonwealth government organisations eg
    • Centrelink
    • Australian Taxation Office
    • Services Australia (Child Support)
    • Australia Post
  • Decisions made by courts and tribunals

What is the complaint process?

We deal with most complaints within 30 days. Complaints that are complex can take longer before we make a final decision.

Step 1: Tell us what has happened

We receive your complaint and acknowledge it within 5 business days.

Step 2: We look into your complaint

Many complaints can be fixed by us contacting the relevant organisation.

Step 3: We may look into your complaint further

We'll see if we can resolve your complaint and if not whether we should investigate. We only investigate less than 10% of complaints we receive.

Learn more about the investigation process

Step 4: You receive an outcome

We reach a decision and contact you about the outcome.

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