Legislation and policies

Find out more about the legislation and polices that guide us.


Our work and decision making is guided by the Ombudsman Act 1973 (Vic). It details the Ombudsman's roles and functions.

Some of the other legislation that directs the work we do - and how we do it - includes:

Other legislation gives the Ombudsman powers to take complaints about specific matters:

Code of Conduct

Integrity and responsiveness are some of our key values. We follow a code which sets out the behaviour expected of our employees.

Read our Code of Conduct .

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and Register

We have a policy which sets out how the Ombudsman, her staff and contractors respond to offers of Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality.

Each financial year, we publish a register of offered gifts, benefits and hospitality.

Read our Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and Register

Human Rights Policy

We have an important role to play in protecting the human rights of Victorians.

Read our Human Rights Policy

Privacy Statement

We value your privacy and personal information.

Personal information provided by you will not be disclosed other than when this is consistent with the principles in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and other applicable legislation.

Read our Privacy Statement.

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

We encourage people to report improper conduct in the public sector. This policy sets out the steps we take to handle 'public interest disclosures'.

It also outlines the procedures for dealing with public interest disclosures made about our staff. Read our Public Interest Disclosure Policy.

Service Delivery Charter

Our Charter sets out the service standards you can expect from us when you contact us.

We hold ourselves accountable to these standards. Read our Service Delivery Charter .

Other relevant policies

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