Audit and Risk Management Committee

This committee supports the Ombudsman in maintaining good corporate governance.

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The Audit and Risk Management Committee meets at least 4 times each year and reviews and provides assurance on the integrity of the Victorian Ombudsman’s risk management, financial performance and processes, systems and reporting.

Access the Audit and Risk Management Charter here.

The Audit and Risk Management Committee consists of the following members

Scott Goddard , Chair

GRC Ready Business Consulting & Services – Co-founder

Kim Rowe

Associate – VUCA Trusted Advisors

Patricia Christie

Several board and committee positions. Former CEO and acting Principal Register, Family Court of Australia

Damien Manuel

Adjunct Professor and Director, Deakin University Centre for Cyber Security and Innovation

Judith McDonald

    Managing Director at Watnanda Consulting Pty Ltd


    The Audit and Risk Management Committee’s primary role is to oversee and advise the Ombudsman on matters of accountability, risk and internal controls affecting the Victorian Ombudsman’s operations as outlined by the Financial Management Act 1994 (FMA) and Standing Directions (2018).

    Key Responsibilities

    • Independently review and assess the effectiveness of VO’s systems and controls for financial management, performance and sustainability, including risk management
    • Oversee the internal audit function.
    • Review annual financial statements.
    • Review information in the report of operations on financial management, performance and sustainability before it is released to Parliament.
    • Review and monitor compliance with the FMA (including the Standing Directions).
    • Maintain effective communication with external auditors.
    • Consider recommendations made by internal and external auditors and review implementation of any actions to resolve issues raised.
    • Oversee the effective operation of the risk management framework.

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