Strategic Framework

This is the framework that guides the work of our office.

This is the Strategic Framework 2020-2024, which guides the work of the Victorian Ombudsman's office:

Our purpose

Ensure fairness for Victorians in their dealings with the public sector and improve public administration.

Our intent

Ensure Fairness

  • independent and impartial complaint resolution
  • encourage fair and reasonable decision making within the public sector

Enhance Integrity and Accountability

  • independently investigate serious matters
  • report on misconduct and poor administration

Support Improvement and Innovation

  • assist agencies learn from complaints and investigations
  • investigate systemic issues and identify solutions

Protect Human Rights

  • investigate whether an action or decision is incompatible with human rights
  • make it easier for disadvantaged people to complain

Our commitment

To provide accessible and responsive services that are:

  • free, independent and impartial
  • open, transparent and evidence based
  • focused on practical and meaningful outcomes to address injustice
  • sensitive to the circumstances of individuals and communities with specific needs
  • delivered by skilled and committed professionals
  • consistent with the same standards we expect of others.

To educate Victorians on the role of the Ombudsman, how to complain and what they should expect from their dealings with the public sector.

To be courageous in challenging poor public administration.

To constructively assist the public sector to continuously improve its standards and practices.

To provide authoritative and informative reports to the Victorian Parliament.