We can help resolve complaints about VicRoads. Find out how we can help.

Most Victorians own and drive a car, and for some a car means livelihood. VicRoads’ key role is to keep us safe on the road. It manages licences, driving conditions, registrations and road rules.

What is our role?

We take complaints about the decisions and actions of VicRoads.

We encourage you to complain to VicRoads first.

If you’re not happy with its response and the issue continues to affect you, we may be able to help.

What type of complaints can we take?

We can help resolve complaints about VicRoads' issues such as:

      • a licence being wrongly suspended or cancelled
      • concession cardholders not receiving a registration discount
      • taking too long to process a refund or to correct a payment error
      • not understanding a medical opinion relating to a person's ability to drive
      • unfairly extending the time of a condition placed on a driver's licence, such as an alcohol interlock device.

      Looking to make a complaint?

      Use our online form to create and submit your complaint