Celebrating a Golden Jubilee: 50 years of the Victorian Ombudsman

In 1973, a visionary idea became a reality. The Victorian Ombudsman's office was established to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability within the Victorian public sector. In 2023, we celebrate 50 years of dedicated service to the people of Victoria.

The Victorian Ombudsman began as a guardian of good governance, committed to addressing complaints, righting wrongs, and promoting a culture of integrity. Over the decades, that guiding light has evolved to meet the changing needs of our community.

From handling complaints about state government agencies, local councils, and universities to proactively investigating systemic issues, the mission remains the same: to stand up for the rights of the people, especially when they've been wronged by public institutions.

That work has led to improvements in public administration, better protection for whistleblowers, and advances in human rights. The office has been a voice for those who needed it most, from vulnerable citizens to courageous individuals fighting for justice.

As the office celebrates its 50th anniversary, we reflect on the many accomplishments. From landmark investigations that shaped policy to the tireless efforts of staff, it's a time to recognise the commitment to accountability that defines the office of the Victorian Ombudsman.