$2k ambulance fee despite never stepping inside an ambulance

Groaning in agony, Maeve remained in her car in the hospital parking lot whilst her husband rushed into the Emergency Room looking for assistance.

Concerned Ambulance Victoria paramedics witnessed Maeve distressed and alone so assisted her inside the hospital with the use of an extraction device, administering some pain relief to her in the process.

Sometime later, Maeve was surprised to receive a $1,894 invoice from Ambulance Victoria for treatment and transport. Ambulance Victoria twice declined to waive the debt.

Ombudsman investigators considered the charge inconsistent with accepted practices and attempted to resolve the matter through conciliation.

Following constructive dialogue with Ambulance Victoria, an apology to the family was offered and the full debt of $1,894 was waived, much to the relief of Maeve.

Please note: Outcomes may vary depending on individual circumstances