Flooding issues to be addressed by Council

What was the case?

Janine contacted us after her property flooded three times over two years. She had previously asked Moonee Valley Council to review the drainage systems near her home. Their review found the drainage did need upgrading and they told Janine this work was scheduled for 2021-22. In early 2020, heavy rains led to water flooding Janine’s backyard and entering under the garage door. Janine contacted us, wanting the drainage upgrade as soon as possible.

Our enquiries

We contacted the Council. They acknowledged the drainage system was ‘below its targeted level of service’. At the same time, they said the most recent flooding was beyond what would be expected to be handled by its drainage system. They said it was not possible to bring forward the works. They offered to pay for and install sandbags at the rear of Janine’s property.


Janine did not agree to the installation of the sandbags as she felt they would be too obtrusive. She and the Council agreed to continue with planning for the Council-funded drainage upgrade. While Janine’s contact with our office did not result in an immediate fix, we were satisfied with the Council’s response. They had listened to her concerns and had suggested a temporary protective measure.