Delay with compliance certification for new home

After years of planning, the final touches on Reiko’s dream home were finally being put in place. However, before he could move in, Reiko’s surveyor needed the builder to issue a compliance certificate.

As Reiko’s builder failed to issue the certificate for some time, Reiko lodged a complaint with the Victorian Building Authority (‘VBA’).

After waiting six weeks for a response, Reiko was frustrated to learn that a staffing issue meant that the VBA had still not assigned anyone to look into his case.

It has been more than a month since I lodged my complaint, and the VBA is yet to even appoint a contact person to look at it. Who knows how much longer it may be before action is taken. - Reiko

Reiko turned to the Ombudsman and we made enquiries. Within two days of contacting us, Reiko received a response from the VBA and an outcome letter the following week.

The VBA’s response allowed Reiko to resolve the issue with his builder directly and the compliance certificate was issued shortly after.

Please note: Outcomes may vary depending on individual circumstances