Difficulties getting refund from VicRoads


Abdullah paid the full fee to register his car. He was entitled to a concessional rate and asked VicRoads to refund him the $147 difference. VicRoads said he was not owed a refund. We contacted VicRoads and they refunded Abdullah.

What was the case?

Abdullah paid the full rate to register his car when he was actually entitled to a concessional rate.

He asked VicRoads to refund the $147 difference. They told him their records showed his payment was at the concessional rate. So, they said he was not owed a refund.

Our enquiries

Abudllah contacted us for help. He gave us a copy of a bank receipt for the payment. The receipt showed he had paid the full fee. We contacted VicRoads, asking them to correct their error.


Abdullah received a $147 refund from VicRoads.