Family crammed into public housing flat

Public housing resident Ahmed had outgrown his home. With a family of six to support, his two-bedroom apartment didn’t provide enough space for his partner and four children.

Two years before Ahmed’s contact with the Ombudsman, he submitted a Priority Transfer application, which was approved under the category of ‘Unsuitable Housing’.

The Department offered Ahmed alternative properties in March 2019 and July 2019.

The first offer was cancelled as it did not meet the family’s needs. The second offer was declined due to the location of the property not being suitable.

Ahmed’s concern for his family was heightened after a violent siege outside his apartment, leaving his family traumatised. Anti-social behaviour and alleged drug use by his neighbours added to his push to want to leave.

After Ahmed complained to the Ombudsman, we made enquiries with the then Department of Health and HumanServices to find out more information and see if the matter could be resolved informally.

The Department worked with Ahmed, and a three-bedroom property was able to be offered and accepted by Ahmed and his family.