Nasty surprise greets pensioner when opening his letterbox

Disabled pensioner Des was issued a speeding ticket fine via his PO Box in town. Des lives in the country, and due to the ongoing postal delays during Covid, Des doesn’t drive into town too often to check his PO box.

When Des eventually did unlock his PO box, he was greeted with his speeding ticket and the subsequent late fees all at once.

Fines Victoria advised Des he could apply for a payment plan, however, noted the minimum monthly repayment offered was $20 per month. Des was advised to submit a request via the Fines Victoria website, along with his request for a fee waiver, explaining why he was seeking to pay an amount lower than the minimum amount.

Des submitted a fee waiver application and accompanying enquiry stating he couldn’t afford to pay $20 per month on his pension and would need to cut back on either food or medication to make the payment plan work.

After three months with no fee decision from Fines Victoria, an enquiry from our office found a resolution.

Fines Victoria removed the late fees and approved a $5 per month payment plan in consideration of Des’ personal circumstances.

Des was very thankful and amazed at how a nudge from the Ombudsman got Fines Victoria to make a decision in his favour.