Paying for two waste bins when only using one


Sharon realised she had been paying for two waste bins for the past five years when she only used one bin. She raised this with her Council and they removed the $130 charge for the current year. Yet they refused to refund her for the previous years. After we contacted the Council, they refunded her.

What was the case?

In 2018, Sharon noticed she had been paying for two bins when she only used one. She had been paying the extra charge since she bought her property in 2012. She contacted Kingston City Council to have the issue resolved.

The Council removed the $130 charge for that year. They updated their database so she wouldn't be charged again. Yet they refused to refund her for the previous years' charges. Sharon wrote to the Council twice to challenge the decision but did not receive a response.

Our enquiries

We raised Sharon’s case with Kingston Council.

We asked them how they manage situations where a property owner has requested an extra bin but then sells the property. The new owner may not want, or know they are paying for, an extra bin.


Kingston Council refunded Sharon all charges for the extra bin, dating back to 2012.

The Council also committed to address the causes of Sharon's complaint. This included:

  • itemising bin charges on rates notices so a charge for an extra bin is more obvious
  • reminding staff to respond to correspondence promptly.