Homeowner scores a $40,000 driveway fix

A road cross over which connected the road to Phillip’s driveway was causing damage to vehicles leaving or entering the property.

Phillip complained to the Department of Transport about issues with the construction design.

The Department of Transport acknowledged the design fault in the crossover and agreed to fix it. Once the project was completed it cost $40,000.

As months past, Phillip grew frustrated that the works had not been done and eventually complained to the Victorian Ombudsman’s office.

The Department of Transport explained that it had created plans for the work to be done as part of a larger package of works in the area, but due to budgetary constraints the package of works was put on hold.

Phillip complained to the Ombudsman for a second time.

After two enquiries from the Victorian Ombudsman’s office, the Department agreed to do the repair works to replace the driveway crossover, helping Phillip reach a satisfactory resolution with the Department.