Seeing double: Identical registration plates issued to two vehicles

Tahni was dismayed to learn another vehicle was on the road with the same license plates as those on her car.

VicRoads advised the pregnant Tahni that she would need to attend a customer service centre to obtain new registration plates. This was problematic for Tahni, who was worried about the risks to her unborn child following a complicated pregnancy.

Following enquiries from our office, it was established that an error had been made when entering the registration details for the new vehicle. The two vehicles’ registration numbers were almost identical, with one letter being the only difference.

Unfortunately, a misplaced keystroke when registering a new vehicle meant that a registration plate was issued that was already in use in Victoria.

VicRoads fixed the records so that neither party had to attend in person to rectify the situation and also confirmed they could issue the registration plates to Tahni via registered post.

Please note: Outcomes may vary depending on individual circumstances