Student in fight to claim degree from University

Watch Ethan's story here

After finishing his final semester of study, Ethan was shocked to learn he was not eligible to receive his Bachelor of Business degree from a Melbourne university because he had not completed a core subject.

The news made Ethan very anxious, as failure to complete all his subjects jeopardised his job prospects and would force him to re-enrol for another semester.

With enrolment for the next semester days away, Ethan was in a rush to have the issue resolved.

Enquiries from the Ombudsman’s office revealed that Ethan had been given the wrong advice about what subjects he was meant to enrol in. This meant he had enrolled in more elective subjects than required but left him one core subject short of completing his degree.

After careful consideration, the university agreed to approve a non-standard program completion for Ethan, and he was able to receive his degree.