VicRoads backflip puts Harry in the driver’s seat

Watch Harry's story here

Harry was working in a supermarket but COVID-19 imposed curfews made it difficult for him to attend work as he did not have his full driver’s licence. 

He had just turned 18, and the restrictions meant he could accept lifts from friends and his mother, who was a nurse and often rostered on late shifts and unable to drive her son to work. 

Harry asked for an exemption application to sit his drivers’ licence test and included a generic letter from his employer in support. Harry’s co-workers in a similar situation followed the same process and were granted an exemption. 

When VicRoads advised Harry his application was rejected as driving was not critical to his job, his mum complained to the Ombudsman.  

The Ombudsman’s office made enquires and as a result, VicRoads confirmed it had accepted Harry’s application for an exemption and allowed him to sit his driving test.