Ombudsman investigating review process for parking infringements issued by Victorian councils

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Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass is investigating councils’ use of contractors to review parking infringements that people have appealed against.

Ms Glass has asked Stonnington, Glen Eira and Port Phillip councils to answer a series of questions about the use of third party contractors to review parking infringements.

This comes after two other Victorian councils – Monash and Kingston - announced earlier this year that they would be refunding people who had paid for infringements that had been reviewed by their contractor Tenix Solutions between 2006-2016.

Ms Glass’s questions to the councils cover matters such as:

  • whether the council engaged a third party to conduct internal reviews of parking infringements
  • their views on assertions that a council which has engaged a contractor to conduct internal reviews may be acting contrary to law, on the basis that the third party is not an ‘enforcement agency’ as defined in the Infringements Act 2006 (Vic).

Once Ms Glass has received the councils’ responses, she will decide on further action including whether to broaden the investigation.

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