Statement from the Victorian Ombudsman

Date posted:

The Victorian Ombudsman will consider the matters referred by the Legislative Council after two private members’ motions were passed on 19 June 2024.

The referrals require the Ombudsman to investigate:

  1. the development of Kensington Banks, the relocation of the flood overlay at Rivervue Retirement Village and other related matters; and
  2. the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority’s management of domestic building insurance claims

When the Ombudsman receives a Parliamentary Complaint, she must investigate the matter and report on it, in accordance with the Ombudsman Act.

Ombudsman Baragwanath said all matters received by her office are dealt with fairly, judiciously and in accordance with the public interest.

“The Ombudsman Act provides considerable discretion in determining how the office conducts its investigations. This ensures the community can have confidence that public resources are used carefully and investigations are independent, proportionate and evidence-based.”

At the conclusion of the investigations, the Ombudsman will report to Parliament.

No further public comment will be made about the referrals at this time.