Good complaint handling

Complaints are not always one size fits all. Understand what makes a strong process and apply it to your workplace.

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Course content

Using our resources, you will learn to deal with complaints through understanding:

  • why you should welcome complaints, and how to do so
  • what you need for a good complaint handling process
  • different types of complainant behaviour
  • what you can learn from complaints to fix problems and improve services.

    Learning outcomes

    After completing the workshop, you will:

    • appreciate the value of complaints to your organisation
    • use your process to strengthen relationships with people who raise concerns with you
    • confidently respond to and learn from complaints
    • develop techniques for managing expectations and avoiding escalations of conflict
    • recognise a human rights-based complaint
    • improve your service delivery and your approach to complaint handling using complaint data.


      Very practical and considered advice based on professional experience.

      September 2019

      The most valuable aspect was ... the importance of recording and responding to complaints in a timely way. Complaints are free feedback.

      October 2019

      It has changed my mindset to view complaints that come my way in a more positive light. Thank you!

      December 2019

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      Marita Cullen

      Marita Cullen

      Program Coordinator and Facilitator, Victorian Ombudsman

      Marita’s firsthand experience dealing with complaints supports the high level of training she provides to our public sector education programs.

      Before joining the Victorian Ombudsman as an Investigation Officer, Marita provided investigation and regulatory services with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

      Jenny Jackson

      Jenny Jackson

      Senior Program Designer, Victorian Ombudsman

      Jenny joined the Victorian Ombudsman in 2017 as the education program designer. As an experienced complaints handler, Jenny previously ran education programs for the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

      Jenny’s earlier roles were in occupational health and safety management and education.